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CVT Stabilizer

CVT Stabilizer

Situated in Agra, we have built a wealth of reputation for manufacturing the superb-quality CVT Stabilizers. Since quality is our foremost priority, we leave no grounds to make available the CVT Stabilizers that lasts long, are easy to maintain and deliver infallible performance. Plus, to cater different requirements, we dole out the quality-tested CVT Stabilizers in plenty of specifications. The prices, we quote, are almost insignificant.


Highlights :

  • CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer) is designed on the basic principle of Ferro - resonance, in which the output winding is resonated with the help of high stability capacitors.
  • CVT supplies constant output voltage with varying input voltage, hence highly desired for sensitive panels and equipments.
  • It is a reliable product as it has no moving part and thus zero maintenance cost.


Salient Features :

  • Input supply is isolated from the output, by means of an isolation transformer
  • Constant Voltage Output of ±1%
  • No moving parts
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Spike rejection capability

Applications :   

  • Bio-medical equipments
  • Data processing equipments
  • Audio/Video equipments
  • Photo processing equipments
  • Control panels

Capacity Available : 500 VA, 1000 VA

  • 500 VA

  • 1000 VA